About Our Company

Since ComfortHost's inception, we have established thousands of connections worldwide and multiple points of presence both domestically in the United States and worldwide. ComfortHost has the capabilities to provide the quality, power and speed to keep businesses optimized and running quickly over the internet. Our goal is to provide and connect thousands of clients around the world with a personalized hosting solution to meet the rising information technology demands of businesses.

Our Locations

ComfortHost's strategically placed locations provide low latency to our entire client base. With four geograhically diverse data center locations spread out through the United States and others in Europe, we are able to provide the best possible connection to our worldwide clients.

Our Team

Our 24/7/365 team of highly qualified level three system administrators run our technical support department to a new standard in the hosting industry. With rapid response times, an amazing work ethic, and a wide range of knowledge, our support team is unmatched in terms of quality and helpfulness.

Our Technology

We believe in using the latest technology to ensure top performance for all our clients. Our company is constantly updating our hardware - whether it be network equiptment or servers - to decrease the likelihood of hardware failure and keep up with growing IT demands of our clients.

Do you need a customized hosting solution?

Contact our sales team by clicking on the button to the right or by opening a live chat with us. We would be happy to help get the perfect solution for your needs.