Comforthost acquires AccurateHub

Comforthost family keeps growing. Comforthost.NET has entered into agreement with the leading blade server provider to acquire all the company assets and incorporate it's customers into our brand. The merge with accuratehub is going to provide not only 24/7 technical service and an strong backoffice team to accuratehub customers, ... Read More »

21st May 2011
Router Maintenance / Upgrade

DATE: 05/06/2011START TIME: 06:30 CDT (GMT-6)ESTIMATED END TIME: 07:30 CDT (GMT-6)PURPOSE OF WORK: Router Maintenance / UpgradeIMPACT OF WORK: Our network will briefly be unavailableNOTES: We will be addressing a potential networking issue at our data center. Our TAC believes that a code upgrade will resolve the issue. The outage will last ... Read More »

5th May 2011
vpsRoot1 slowness resolved

After a couple of days of fighting with the server the VePortal node is back stable and FAST!. we have found, at the end, the issue with that box. And resolved it for good. We apologize for the inconveniences caused all this week, with that server. Hopefully you will notice the increased performance and we will be back to our day to day Thanks ... Read More »

16th Mar 2011
Comforthost acquires Ataraxy

There are important news about has taken the personal decision to leave the hosting and online business and has contacted us, ComfortHost.NET, in her quest for a solution to her customers. We have entered into agreement with Sally and bought her company and all the assets that she maintained. Comforthost will be providing from ... Read More »

8th Apr 2010
Neptune server on maintenance mode Sunday 13th Dec for HD replacement

This Sunday, at 2AM we will perform a server maintanance on the main HD of Neptune. The HD has shown a high rate of failures in those late 3 days and we are going to replace it to avoid future problems. The change of the HD and copy of all the contents it is estimated to take around 2h, and during that time your sites will be offline and not ... Read More »

12th Dec 2009

Comforthost.NET has entered into an agreement to acquire all the assets from L4C and provide service to their customers. Since yesterday, the users of are part of the family. With this acquisition, CH achieves the yearly growth objectives of doubling the user base each year. Way in advance this time!. The ... Read More »

5th Feb 2009
Power supply issues was the reason of the reboots on some servers

Some of you have requested why we have had so many issues with some servers and why the reasons of those reboots that we had to do this late November. It has been found, with the help of vendor engineers and different monitoring devices, that the root cause of the problem was the local power company, TECO. The problem is that we are not being ... Read More »

29th Dec 2008
Discount coupon

We are pleased to offer the coupon HOST60PERCENT, which you can use on any order and it is available to any current customer of ComfortHost.NET (please select the 'Im currently a customer' and enter your username and password to benefit of this discount)





21st Oct 2008

This issue was nicely resolved by SpamHaus in less of a day. :-)  -------------------------------------IMPORTANT NEWS PLEASE READ-------------------------------------The IP of moon server,, is right now blacklisted at SpamHaus. This blacklist is used on most emails systems to detect spam (even we use it, so right ... Read More »

29th Nov 2007