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Sally has taken the personal decision to leave the hosting and online business and has contacted us, ComfortHost.NET, in her quest for a solution to her customers. We have entered into agreement with Sally and bought her company and all the assets that she maintained. Comforthost will be providing from now on network, server and scripts maintenance and resolving any technical issue on Sally's behalf.

What does this change imply to you? Well, we do think that it implies only improvements.

   * Comforthost has a team of 3 people working to meet your needs, and
     24/7 first level online chat which will provide you
     round-the-clock, top-class help.
   * We will not change the prices, nor the plan specifications. All
     the current good prices stay the same.
   * The current server holding ataraxy accounts is a bit overloaded. A
     few accounts will be distributed between ganimedes and saturn
     servers, which are below 50% of their capacity, so that the server
     that you are on is not so loaded as it is now, and runs faster.
   * Invoices will be sent from WHMCS, our billing software. You will
     notice the change in the logo/appearance and as well you will be
     sent in a few days a login details to your personal customer area.
     WHMCS is reputed a better system, we use the last version and has
     many and better features than WHMAP, so we do think that you will
     like the improvement.

Welcome to the ComfortHost family!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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