Automatic Recurring Payment

Question: When I click on Paypal. It doesn’t show me anywhere, where can I sign up for a subscription?



First at all, if your payments are made via Paypal, you should have the status of  'Verified' member 

 To formalize a subscription payment you should pay your invoice in the following period (month, quarterly, semi-annually or annually) before the due date. If the payment is processed later than the due date, the billing system automatically converts it to a Paypal button and it is not possible to subscribe. You will have to come back at the following month and process payment before the due date.


Comforthost.Net promotes customers signing for a subscription payment: this way there is no need for the client to take care for his payments each month (it only has to control it from time to time) and our administrative workload is kept to a minimum and we have funds to pay for the company costs on time. This allows us to keep an always low price on our servers. Remember that a subscription can be cancelled at any time, by the buyer or the seller. You can do it either contacting our billing department or directly in your Paypal interface. We follow a 'no questions asked' policy about subscriptions or account cancellations.


When an invoice is overdue for more than 5 days, without justification, the account is usually suspended and there is a fixed charge of $2.00 to compensate the administrative workload that this poses to our staff. The best way to avoid overdue charges is to subscribe for Paypal payments..


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