Managed Services

Managed Services do include all the semi-Managed list plus the basic support list. The full contents is below


Base LAMP Setup
Basic configuration of your web server (utilizing best practices), so you can configure the remaining features exactly the way you want to complete your website.

Apache Module Installation
Apache is the most widely-used web server for a Linux system and has a large number of additional modules available to expand its capabilities.

Server optimization and php Cache Installation
PHP Cache increases the performance of your PHP-based website by caching website content and optimizing page load times, which can result in more return visitors.

Contact Form Installation
Perform initial configuration of contact forms that use cdo,, and other free scripts and sample code.

Web Script Installation
Full installation of content management systems, blog sites, wiki's, and shopping carts. This is valid for servers not having scriptaculous or fantastico or any other script installed. If an script installed is available, this task is considered configuration and it is not in scope.

Log Analysis & Security Check-up
Review your server logs to detect anything out of the ordinary and identify vulnerabilities and other ongoing risks to your servers.

Disk Space Clean-up
Clear disk space by removing old files and backups that are no longer required to improve the functionality of your server.

Single Database Back-up
Back up your database to preserve important data in the event your server or live database becomes corrupt, compromised or lost.

Single Site Back-up
Perform site back-ups, an essential step when migrating to a new server or testing new functionality, to provide a copy of the original content in the event your files need to be restored.

Site Scan
Periodic security scans can prevent your server from being compromised, provide you with peace of mind, and identify additional measures to prevent future downtime, data loss, or data theft.

Log Analysis—Script Troubleshooting
Complex scripts may require additional time for troubleshooting or advanced knowledge of programming and server side operations. We can assist by troubleshooting your back-end system and scripts.

Script / Directory Permissions (One Script)
Content management systems, blogs and contact forms rely on precise file/folder permissions. Codero can apply the correct settings so your site functions properly and securely.

Single Database Restore
Restoring a database can be a delicate task. Let us assist with a manual restoration of your database. Single Site Restore
We can quickly restore your website to its original condition and ensure that all permissions are set up correctly.

Clear Email queue
Mass e-mail may create an unwanted queue that prevents or slows down your server and further delays delivery of time-sensitive data. Let us help by clearing out e-mail data to resolve these issues.

Add Virtual Host
Assist in configuring 'virtual hosts' so you can host multiple websites on a single server that does not have a control panel software installed. If the server has a control panel installed like Plesk or cPanel this task is considered out of scope.

IIS/FTP Setup (One Domain)
FTP user account creation needed for website content uploads. SELinux Enable/Disable
SELinux is a security mechanism designed to prevent applications from writing to the hard drive. Log Rotation
Modify the log rotation configuration to support custom log files.

MySQL Optimization (my.cnf)
MySQL database&-driven websites rely heavily on proper MySQL configuration. We can optimize MySQL to increase the performance and reliability of your database-driven website.

Daemon Port Changes
Change the ports on which a particular service is running. For example, Apache's default port is 80; we can modify this setting to run on any port you prefer.

Registry Edit
Add or edit one registry entry in the Windows configuration files to support new server software or procedures in scripts.



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