Can I add domains to my account whenever I wish?

Yes, you can add/delete domains to your account from your Control Panel whenever you wish.

 Can I create email accounts for all my domains?

Yes. You can create accounts such as,, etc.

 Do you provide separate statistics for each domain?

Yes, you can see separate statistics for each individual domain.

 Does each domain under my account have a separate control panel?

No. There is a single control panel from where you can manage all your domains.

 How hard is it to add domains? Do I need to be a Unix expert?

It's not hard at all. It's done through an easy to use web interface.

 I'm a web designer, can I host my customers' web sites under my account?

Yes, you can. A large number of our customers are web designers and do just that. We use generic...

 What is Multiple Domain Hosting?

Multiple Domain Hosting is a technology which enables hosting multiple domains/web sited under a...

 Will each domain have its own, individual web site?

Yes. Each domain will have its own, individual web site.

 Will my visitors be able to tell that my domains are hosted under a single account?

No. To your site visitors, addon domains appear and work just like any other domain, there is...